Bottled Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos Will Be Everywhere, Not Just Costco

Last year, there was exciting news for fans of iced pumpkin spice coffee beverages. Starbucks brought its pumpkin spice brand to pre-packaged chilled beverages, selling its bottled Frappuccino products in pumpkin spice flavor exclusively at Costco. Now, to keep capitalizing on the pumpkin spice mania seizing the nation, Starbucks is bringing the bottled PSF to grocery stores across the country.
This is great news not only to people who can’t get to Costco, but people who think that they might like to try one bottle of pumpkin spice chilled espresso beverage, but not necessarily fifteen. You’ll be able to buy it at unspecified “major grocery stores” for under three bucks.

Starbucks VIA Instant Pumpkin Spice LatteIf you do like your pie-flavored blasts of sugar and caffeine in bulk, there will be a warehouse club version available at Costco and its competitors. This year, the bulk pack will have fifteen bottles, not twelve.

Now that it’s pumpkin spice season, the pumpkin spice K-cups that we told you about back in April will finally be hitting stores, and they’re bringing back 40-ounce Iced Espresso Classics bottles for bulk espresso-drinking at home.

If you prefer hot espresso beverages and want to keep some stashed at work for pumpkin spice emergencies, Starbucks is also bringing back the flavor in their Via instant coffee packages: the latte version includes milk, coffee, and flavoring.

Remember, chilled and hot espresso beverages are only one part of your balanced pumpkin spice breakfast.

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