Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Administer Antibiotics To Your Windows Vista PC Now

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave mall explorers who scour the nation’s clearance racks for the most comically overpriced retail antiquities. Here are some of their latest discoveries.

AJ originally posted this item on Reddit, and Redditors helpfully suggested sending it to us.


“At this bargain price, I can finally protect my machine of 2016 with the latest security advances 2007 has to offer,” AJ observes. Yes, because this product is PC-cillin(TM).

pc-cillinWhat is PC-cillin, exactly? Antivirus software isn’t like an antibiotic: you take it to prevent infection, not to treat an infection that you already have. See, this is what’s caused the superbugs crisis: talking this way about even things that aren’t even actual antibiotics.

Zooming in, you see that his not-an-antibiotic had this comically high price put on it on July 30, 2016.

Matthew was shopping the store closing sale at his local Sears, and didn’t find much of interest. “As of yesterday, the shelves were down to some women’s apparel, four TVs, and a few other items…including two video games.”


While they might have been on store-wide markdown, these games, from 2005 and 2008 respectively, weren’t drawing anyone’s attention. Would someone buy them at 80% off? 90% off? Matthew predicted that the games would still be there when the store closed its doors, and he was probably right.

In products that are a little newer but no less ridiculously priced, Raider Paul G found this game on the shelf at Walmart. Don’t let that handsome packaging and anti-theft alarm fool you: this is not a good price.


Amazon is still selling this edition of the game new, where it will set you back less than fifty bucks.

Finally, this GameCube game shared on Twitter isn’t even marked down.