This Walmart Is Apparently Stuck In 2011

Reader Knah is one of the bravest explorers who form the Raiders of the Lost Walmart: retail archaeologists who comb the nation’s big-box stores for retail antiquities that have somehow stayed on the shelves even though they’re now obsolete, sometimes comically so. Here are his three latest finds: all of which are out of date, if not useless, yet are locked up in security equipment. Why?

This isn’t the oldest security software we’ve seen for sale at Walmart, but that doesn’t mean that you should buy it. Or anyone else should buy it.

Knah mistook this specimen for a copy of income tax return software from Intuit: indeed, if you need to file your 2011 income taxes, you have problems. This version is actually selling for more than Walmart’s price here on the Amazon marketplace, possibly presenting a business opportunity if anyone ever wants to buy it.

Sure, you could buy this. Or you could buy a smaller drive with four times the capacity for maybe ten bucks more. Not much of a deal.

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