This 9-Year-Old MP3 Player Is Ready For The Latest Tunes, Costs $300

philips_deviceIf you weren’t all that familiar with technology, this “portable media center” that reader S. found in the clearance section at Walmart might seem like a reasonable enough purchase. What isn’t obvious until you look more closely is that the $300 price tag has been on the box since 2011. What isn’t obvious until you perform a quick Google search is that the PMC7230 has been on the market since 2006, which would explain why it’s still languishing on the shelf.

This device is one of the most comically overpriced discoveries of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, the brave retail explorers who find strange electronic antiquities in big-box stores and bring them back for us to snicker at.

In the case of this device, it’s not only an ancient media player, but it also got a mediocre review from CNET, which found that it had low audio quality and too high a price for 2006. We presume that it hasn’t held up over the years, and it won’t be leaving the Walmart shelf at that price.

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