Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Unearth $150 Camera From 2006, Ancient Overpriced Hard Drive

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave band of retail archaeologists who comb through the electronics sections of big-box stores to find gadgets that are obsolete or just plain old, and also comically overpriced. In this week’s field reports: an external hard drive and a digital camera that are over a decade old, yet priced as if they’re new.

Both items came from Walmart. First up, a Seagate external drive with an 80 GB capacity, for a low, low price of $68.


You could buy this bulky relic, or you could spend $10 less and get a one-terabyte hard drive from Seagate that weighs five ounces. Up to you.


Reader Colter found this hot digital camera on the shelf at his local Walmart. “Initial search brought up its unveiling… At CES 2006,” Colter writes. Indeed, the product debuted at the electronics trade show at the beginning of 2006, and you can buy a working camera from eBay for as little as $5. At least Walmart has this camera protected against theft.

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