The Texting World Is Finally Getting A Bacon Emoji

More than a year after we heard that texters would finally be getting the bacon emoji they’ve been demanding, so it has come to pass: the pork graphic is among 72 new emojis that will appear on phones in the near future.

You’ll finally be able to express your love of bacon without words, after the California-based Unicode Consortium, which controls emoji standards, released its latest list of emoji additions.

Also new on the list: a slew of other foods we were expecting like avocados and eggs, and a green salad, Don’ forget bread — croissants and baguettes will be represented in future texts now as well.

And selfie-obsessed texters can obsess about selfies with a — you guessed it! — selfie emoji. If you’re an expectant mother who’s obsessed with selfies, there’s a pregnant woman emoji for you, too.

Feel like you messed up? Now you can shrug, then facepalm, in emoji-speak. Want to terrorize your friends and haunt their dreams? There’s a clown emoji for that.

Originally, we thought there would be 38 new emojis released this week, but it seems the consortium has decided to throw in a bunch of extras for a total of 72. Unexpected (by me) additions include a shopping cart, a tumbler glass of whiskey, and Mrs. Claus. Which sounds like the makings of a very interesting story.

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