Windows 10 Users Will Be Able To Flip The Bird With New Emoji

Image courtesy of (Jeepers Media)

Sometimes, words just don’t do the trick. For those times, using certain gestures can express everything you’re feeling with just the upward flick of one particular finger. Microsoft better hope people like Windows 10 a lot more than they did Windows 8, or they’ll be getting a lot of the middle-finger emoji included in the newest iteration of its operating system.

“Reverse Hand with Middle Finger Extended” (via Emojipedia) comes in a variety of skin hues for flipping the bird, with the gray version apparently supposed to be Microsoft’s idea of “neutral.” That, or a zombie is really ticked off at you.

"Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended"

“Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended”

It’s to be noted that Microsoft is the only one of the big tech companies to include the silent symbol for “fudge you”: Though the Unicode Consortium added the middle finger last year, Apple’s collection of symbols doesn’t have it and neither does Google’s array of emoticons and symbols on its Android platform.

Without those companies and others like Twitter and Facebook giving users the power to type and view those emojis, trying to say, paste one from Windows 10 elsewhere will just result in a big fat X.

“X you!” just doesn’t have the same power as that solitary messenger, does it?

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