It’s Finally Happening: Newest Unicode Update Includes Emojis For Tacos, Hot Dogs And Cheese (!)

emojisyayIf you’ve been wondering how you’ve survived without an emoji to adequately express your love of cheese in graphic form, wonder no more: The newest Unicode update includes a slew of new food emojis the public has been clamoring for, including a cheese wedge, a taco and a hot dog.

Almost all of the new emojis on the Unicode Consortium’s list under “Most Popularly Requested” are food, because we think with our stomachs and our stomachs demand to be represented. Coming soon(ish): Hot dog, burrito, taco, cheese wedge, popcorn, bottle with popping cork, turkey and unicorn face. Which of course, isn’t any food we know of.

Taco Bell celebrated the news, as it would considering it will soon be able to write its name in emoji:

Also included on the list of 41 new emojis: religious symbols like a menorah and a mosque, new zodiac symbols and more facial expressions, including a face with a head bandage, because that’s something you see every day. There’s also more sports-related emojis like an ice hockey stick and puck, table tennis and volleyball.

This is the update that includes the diverse emoji already implemented by Apple a few weeks ago, which means we should be seeing varying skin tones on other platforms soon as well.

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