Disappointing Milky Way Brownie Is Latest Entrant In Packaging Vs. Reality Hall Of Sadness

Image courtesy of @retailbizgal

Here at Consumerist, we’re used to that moment when expectations come crashing into conflict with reality, that sigh of disappointment over a product that’s failed to live up to its packaging or marketing photos. It’s not that it’s all that surprising, it’s just that it makes us sad.

Friend of Consumerist Melody shared a photo of a Hostess Milky Way Brownie box that features a delicious, caramel-covered treat, studded with large chunks of Milky Way bars. Next to it, the thing that came out of that package:

It’s got a few large chunks, then a lot of smaller flakes, resting atop a slightly caramel-esque brown icing that is almost indistinguishable from the brownie below. All in all, it fails to impress.

Hostess did reply to Melody’s Tweet, saying it appreciates the feedback and that the company is “currently working to remedy this concern.”


This is far from the first occasion products have failed to live up to the packaging hype. There was the time BirdsEye was very liberal about mushrooms, plural, in its Veggie Mix.


This Hormel Compleats Bacon Scramble was beyond depressing for one of our readers, who didn’t know he was buying a bucket of mush that might be edible, but doesn’t quite appeal to the discerning consumer’s eyes.


[Seinfeld voice]What is with sad scrambles? This Red Baron Scramble made us want to cry tears of scrambled eggs and cheese.

If you come across a prime candidate for our packaging vs. reality hall of sadness, please send us your photos: tips@consumerist.com.

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