Hostess Makes Candy Corn-Themed Cupcakes For Some Reason

Image courtesy of (The Impulsive Buy)

It’s not clear whether there’s any flavoring or indeed anything else at all that makes these Hostess Cupcakes more candy corn-ish than any other random yellow cupcake with frosting and sprinkles. What we do know is that they exist, they are orange, yellow, and white, and they are a “limited edition.” Which means that you should stock up or something.

Candy Corn Oreos, after all, just tasted like sugar. We don’t expect much more out of Hostess. Actually, it’s sort of nice to see candy corn staying around in Halloween, instead of selling out to other holidays like Easter and Independence Day.

Marvo over at The Impulsive Buy wonders when we will inevitably see the other Official Flavors of Fall appear in pre-packaged cupcake form: where are the orange-colored pumpkin spice cakes, or the green and tan Caramel Apple cupcakes? Will Pecan Pie cupcakes ever become a thing?

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