McDonald’s Hopes Its New Packaging Design Makes You Feel Better About Going To McDonald’s

oldpackagingWhile McDonald’s can’t control how your actual insides feel after frequenting one of its locations, the company says it’s hoping that its newly-redesigned packaging will help put your mind at ease about choosing to eat at the restaurant.

During the last year, McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook was on a crusade to turn around the struggling fast food chain, with some of those efforts proving fruitful, while others, less so.

As part of that continuing effort, McDonald’s is phasing in new bags, cups and boxes that are supposed to enforce the company’s new “contemporary restaurant experience.” They’re simpler than the company’s last redesign from 2013, Fast Company points out, which featured a visual onslaught of QR codes, slogans, illustrations, and symbols. And it’s supposed to make you feel a certain way about eating at the Golden Arches.

“The packaging is intended to create noticeable change for our customers and I’m hoping it makes them feel better about their choice of going to McDonald’s,” Matt Biespiel, Senior Director of Global Brand Development at McDonald’s told Fast Company. “Unlike other [branding] categories, you receive packaging after you’ve already made the purchase. The thought for me is, this is about reinforcing the purchase decision—having people feel good about walking down the street holding our bag.”

It says a lot about McDonald’s that the company knows you might be embarrassed to admit to the public that you’ve bought its food and likely intend to eat it. Will you be judged less harshly and feel less ashamed that you’re wolfing down a Big Mac, large fries and two milkshakes in one sitting just because your bag is simpler? That’s up to you.

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Can Packaging Design Make You Feel Better About Eating Fast Food? McDonald’s Hopes So. [Fast Company]

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