Technically, This Veggie Mix Does Contain Mushrooms Because 2 Is More Than 1

I spy... two? Maybe two mushrooms, in a sea of peas.

On the left, the bag. On the right, the contents — two mushroom bits in a sea of peas.

We’ve seen our share of products that, despite advertising a delicious display, provide food that in reality, is a woeful facsimile of the photo on the packaging. But that doesn’t mean it still hurts us right in the stomach when it happens, as in this case from Consumerist reader Travis, a lover of mushrooms.

He writes that he was cooking up a steak dinner and was looking forward to a side of Birdseye Steamfresh Specially Seasoned Garlic Baby Peas and Mushrooms on the side.

But then, disappointment struck.

“I opened up my Steamfresh bag and discovered, it was just peas. No mushroom in this bag of peas and MUSHROOMS.”

While we would slightly disagree in that there appears to be two mushrooms, plural, there is a decided lack of mushrooms when compared to the packaging.

“If this isn’t false advertising and almost downright lying to the customer, then I’m not sure what would,” Travis adds. “Thank you Birdseye and Pinnacle Food Group for your lack of integrity.”

Perhaps Birdseye should consider hiring Ace Rothstein:

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