The Reality Of This Red Baron Scramble Is That It Needs A Gallon Of Gravy To Be Edible

Sending scrambled messages.

Sending scrambled messages.

There’s nothing quite like it — you walk past the box in the grocery store, and something catches your eye, sets your stomach a-rumbling. It looks so good, so delicious and tempting, you must buy it, own it, and devour it for your very own. But as Dave found out with a Red Baron breakfast scramble, taking off that persuasive packaging often reveals something much less desirable.

Dave sent in this evidence of the staggering difference between expectations and reality, writing that things could’ve turned out worse, if not for his own heavy hand with the gravy.

“Bought these for breakfast the other day… In all fairness they TASTED okay — but then again if you put enough country gravy on anything it tastes good.”

While the packaging boasts succulent chunks of colorful veggies, and light, fluffy-looking eggs, the real-life results look more like, well, you can see for yourself. At least three tomatoes made it onto that mess of melted cheese and pale, gray sausage. Three cheers for the meal-saving powers of gravy, everyone.

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