McDonald’s Is Pulling The McWrap, Which Failed To Beat Subway

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

The McWrap was supposed to help McDonald’s tempt customers who love fresh sandwiches away from Subway, and make the fast-food chain appeal to millennials. What they needed for that was to serve breakfast sandwiches all day, it turns out, and McDonald’s is ending its McWrap experiment.

The McWrap is not to be confused with snack wraps, smaller versions of the same thing, which McDonald’s has served for about a decade. Bad news for fans of those, though: the chain is phasing out the snack-size wraps, too.

The wraps were tasty, kind of like a chicken Caesar salad that you could eat with one hand while driving, but never really caught on with customers. Apparently, people just didn’t think of McDonald’s when they wanted fresh vegetables wrapped up in a tortilla.

While the product’s fans will be sad, franchisees may be celebrating in the streets: they found the wraps slower to assemble than burgers, holding up kitchen assembly lines and causing service times to go as high as three minutes for the complicated items.

McDonald’s Cuts Wraps From Menus After Millennials Don’t Bite (via Fortune)

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