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McDonald’s Is Pulling The McWrap, Which Failed To Beat Subway

The McWrap was supposed to help McDonald’s tempt customers who love fresh sandwiches away from Subway, and make the fast-food chain appeal to millennials. What they needed for that was to serve breakfast sandwiches all day, it turns out, and McDonald’s is ending its McWrap experiment. [More]

Lunch Envy: McDonald’s France Offers Goat Cheese McWrap

Lunch Envy: McDonald’s France Offers Goat Cheese McWrap

Other countries continue to get all of the best fast-food products from American brands. Want more evidence? Check out the new goat cheese McWrap available from McDonald’s, only in France and for a limited time. A previous version that the chain tried had breaded and fried goat cheese. Both versions replace the more typical chicken in the wrap with cheese. [More]

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McDonald’s Pinning Its Hopes, Dreams On Chicken & Lettuce In A Wrap

UPDATE: It’s really happening, a Consumerist  reader points out, which means that McDonald’s not wanting to comment on speculation perhaps just meant the company wasn’t quite ready to reveal the big news. [More]