McDonald’s Pinning Its Hopes, Dreams On Chicken & Lettuce In A Wrap

UPDATE: It’s really happening, a Consumerist  reader points out, which means that McDonald’s not wanting to comment on speculation perhaps just meant the company wasn’t quite ready to reveal the big news.

The McWrap will be a permanent part of the menu, says Dan Coudreaut, director of culinary innovation of McDonald’s. Flavors include: Chicken & Bacon, Sweet Chili Chicken and Chicken & Ranch.


When we heard McDonald’s was ditching its Chicken Selects to make room for other new menu stars, we knew there had to be some deep thinking going on down in the secret labs full of brilliant food scientists. We imagined all kinds of equations and frenzied all-nighters working up to the big event. And in reality, it’s reportedly a wrap. A wrap with chicken, cucumbers, romaine and a choice of three sauces, say sources. Ladies and gentlemen, McDonald’s Great Wrapped Hope: The McWrap.

Wait a goshdarn minute, says you, isn’t there already a wrap? Yeah, but it’s a snack wrap, and this is entree size, so… this is totally different, and McDonald’s is reportedly hoping it’ll stomp all over its new rival, Subway, according to AdAge.

AdAge cites people familiar with the wrap situation, who say the McWrap is the “Subway buster,” the offering that will woo sandwich lovers away from meatball subs and into the grilled or crispy arms of the chicken wrap.

McDonald’s also views the new product as its biggest launch of 2013 and its biggest brand opportunity since McCafe, these people said. Though the McWrap is available in some locations already, it’s believed the official national launch will be within the next few weeks and will include a major national marketing push.

McDonald’s and its secret lab full of food scientists are keeping mum on the alleged nationwide rollout of the McWrap, with a spokeswoman only saying the company couldn’t “comment on speculation or information we believe was obtained through unauthorized means.”

When the entree-sized McWrap was tested last year it sold for $3.99 , which makes it likely it’ll go for a similar price if and when it hits the national menu.

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