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Food Scientists Working On Edible Alternative To Plastic Wrap

In the future, instead of throwing away plastic packaging and film covering our food, we might just eat it. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture are working on a few alternatives to plastic wrap, including an edible film that’s also biodegradable. [More]

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McDonald’s Is Pulling The McWrap, Which Failed To Beat Subway

The McWrap was supposed to help McDonald’s tempt customers who love fresh sandwiches away from Subway, and make the fast-food chain appeal to millennials. What they needed for that was to serve breakfast sandwiches all day, it turns out, and McDonald’s is ending its McWrap experiment. [More]


CDC Says Its Investigation Into Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak Is Over (But People Could Still Get Sick)

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its final report on the recent outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes linked to contaminated Blue Bell Creameries ice cream products and deemed it over, we might not be out of the woods yet: Consumers could still get sick from eating contaminated ice cream that’s hanging out in their freezers, which is something some people are apparently doing. [More]

Cloth Diapers Can Save You Money If You're Willing To Work For It

Cloth Diapers Can Save You Money If You're Willing To Work For It

Parents, if you can get over the “ick” factor of reprocessing cloth diapers after your baby does sickening things to them, there’s a financial benefit in it for you. Blogger GreatDad describes how “fathers can save money with cloth diapers” over the more costly disposable variety.