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Ryanair Getting Into The Hotel Business?

Could Ryanair be the Amazon of air travel? If the company’s executives have their say, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The cheapo European airline is taking steps to reach that goal with plans to launch an accommodation service for the destinations it flies in and out of.  [More]

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Even Ryanair Thinks Having 108 Separate Baggage Fees Might Be A Little Excessive

My, how the times have changed. Ryanair, an airline that once prided itself on tacking extra costs onto fares every which way imaginable, has decided to trim up it image a bit, and is cutting down its collection of baggage fees from 108 — yes, you read that right — to just six. [More]

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Ryanair Opens Itself Up To Passenger Complaints With New “Rate My Flight” App

Ryanair, the European low-cost carrier whose customer service approach used to involve sticking its fingers in its ears and yelling “NANANANA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”, is trying to show it’s really and truly turned over a new customer service leaf: the airline is launching a new “Rate My Flight” app that allows passengers to air their grievances immediately upon landing. [More]

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Cheapo Euro Airline Ryanair Goes Upscale, Wants To Get Into Corporate Jet Business

When we mention Ryanair on this site, it’s usually because the Irish discount carrier has come up with yet another misery-inducing way to save money, like charging for restrooms, selling standing-room tickets, and asking crew members to lose some weight to save on fuel. The airline’s latest venture is a spacious corporate-style jet with leather seats and fancy food. Wait, what? [More]

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Man Legally Changes His Name Just To Avoid Airline Booking Error Fee

Because you can’t just fly under anyone’s name, some airlines institute a fee for travelers seeking to change the name on their already purchased ticket to ward against reselling them for a profit. But not everyone wants to pay for mistakes, like one student who decided he’d rather spend the money to change his name and get a new passport than pay Ryanair to fix a booking error. [More]


Ryanair Flight Takes Off Without Toilet Paper, Civilization Somehow Continues

European discount airline Ryanair has made headlines for reasons related to their bathrooms in the past: five years ago, we took note of their plan to charge customers to use the toilets, and to remove some toilets from the plane altogether. Yet some passengers on a flight from Murcia, Spain to London, England were horrified to learn that there would be no toilet paper or milk on board their flight. [More]

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Ryanair Flight Attendant Lists Passenger’s Camera On eBay, Gets Caught

When we leave something behind on a plane, we like to believe that it is not going home with the cabin crew to be immediately listed on eBay. Yet that’s exactly what one attendant for Irish discount carrier Ryanair is accused of doing. He was caught at his second job when the owner of a camera up for sale was browsing eBay looking for a replacement. [More]

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Cheapo Euro Airline Ryanair Denies Plans To Launch Transatlantic Flights To The U.S.

Maybe April Fool’s Day comes early in Ireland? Just four days after European budget airline Ryanair announced its board approved plans to launch transatlantic flights, the company backtracked, saying no such plans have ever been in the works. [More]

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Cheapo Euro Airline Ryanair Plans To Offer U.S. Flights Within 5 Years

Flying to Europe may become significantly cheaper in the next five years, after budget airline Ryanair announced announced that its board has approved plans to eventually expand into the U.S. market with its first transatlantic flights. [More]

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Drunk Guy On His First Flight Makes Rookie Mistake, Confuses Cabin Door With Bathroom

Because we all don’t possess nerves of steel when confronted with the reality of flying through the air in a big metal box, essentially, it’s understandable that a guy going on his first flight effort would have a few drinks to relax. But maybe someone should’ve warned him about the propensity for doors to become confusing when you’re under in the influence. [More]

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New Boeing 737 Will Cram 11 More Passengers Into Coach

While tall people generally have an advantage in athletics, romance, job-hunting, and attending concerts, there is at least one aspect of modern living for which it’s better to be shorter in stature — flying coach. But aircraft biggie Boeing is attempting to take even that one minor victory away from those of below-average height, by cramming additional rows of seats into its already jam-packed 737 seats. [More]

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Ryanair CEO’s New Customer Service Strategy: Be Nice To People Instead Of Making Them Cry

Every time Ryanair’s CEO Michael “Seatbelts Don’t Matter” O’Leary opens his mouth, we’ve come to expect amusing things, usually about how much the airline doesn’t give a flying fig about customers. But O’Leary is trumpeting a turnaround today, something unprecedented for the airline: Being nice to customers. [More]


Budget Airline Ryan Air Appeals Third Blocked Bid To Buy Rival Aer Lingus

Budget airline Ryanair, of the standing room-only cabins idea, has big plans for its Irish rival Aer Lingus. But it can’t get down to that happy future of slashing customer comfort and stripping the flying experience down to bare bones just yet because the European Union has blocked its third attempt to acquire its competitor. [More]

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Ryanair CEO Wants Standing Room Only Cabins Because Duh, Seatbelts Are Useless

Surprise! Okay, no surprise: Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is back to his cheeky ways, claiming he wants to do away with laws requiring passengers to wear seatbelts on planes because they’re useless. And if people don’t have to be sitting, he could use all that wasted space in the cabin to sell standing room only spots in the cabin for as low as £1 to European destinations. [More]

Aer Lingus Really Doesn't Want Ryanair To Be All Up In Its Business Anymore

Aer Lingus Really Doesn't Want Ryanair To Be All Up In Its Business Anymore

Aer Lingus scored a hit against fellow Irish airline Ryanair in court today, which will allow British authorities to continue investigating the cheapo carriers over its ownership of a 30% stake in Aer Lingus. [More]

Musicians: Ryanair Charges Unnecessary Fees For Stowing Instruments

Musicians: Ryanair Charges Unnecessary Fees For Stowing Instruments

For years, cheapo airlines like Ryanair have acted like flying tour buses for up-and-coming musicians in Europe. But some musically inclined travelers say the fee-happy carrier recently made it harder on them by tacking on unfair charges for passengers traveling with instruments of any size. [More]

Ryanair To Flight Crew: Hey, Fatties — Lose Weight So We Can Save On Fuel

Right when you thought CEO of cut-rate airline Ryanair Michael O’Leary and his merry gang of misfit toys couldn’t introduce more ridiculous ideas in their efforts to be the cheapest in all the land, a company spokesman says they even take flight crew to task on the topic of dieting. You know, to save on fuel from not carting around so many fatties. [More]