Your Marty McFly Dreams Are Coming True: Nike Debuting Self-Lacing Sneakers

Image courtesy of Nike

If you weren’t one of the lucky few to snag a pair of Nike’s special edition Air Mag self-lacing shoes last year, don’t give up hope — your Marty McFly dreams may still come true this very year: Nike unveiled sneakers with self-lacing technology, as well as sensors that adjust the sneaker’s fit.

Though it won’t be quite as automatic as when Marty steps into his Back to the Future: Part II kicks, the HyperAdapt Trainer 1.0 will have buttons on either side of the shoe to tighten or loosen the grip on your foot, reports the Wall Street Journal.

When users step into the shoe a sensor is triggered that conforms it to the wearer’s foot. The laces are then tightened or loosened by pressing buttons near the ankle, which, again, isn’t the full Marty experience, but Nike said it hopes to someday make a version without the manual buttons.

Pricing information hasn’t been released yet, but we don’t expect these sneaks to come cheap.

Nike isn’t the only kid on the self-lacing shoe block, however: Puma is also expected to debut a button-controlled lacing shoe at some point in 2016.

Nike Adds Self-Lacing Shoes to Sneaker Arms Race [Wall Street Journal]

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