Nike’s Starbucks Sneaker Is The Latest In Food-Themed Footwear

They say some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but more and more it seems consumers are wearing their appetites on their shirts, pants, and shoes, among other things. One company looking to fill the tasty clothing arena is Nike and its newfound taste for food-themed sneakers.

AdWeek reports that Nike recently released a pair of kicks that any coffee lover will want to their hands on, or at least that’s probably the athletic wear company’s hope.

The Nike SB Dunk Low “Starbucks” Premium sneakers feature just about everything synonymous with the mega-coffee chain: a mocha-like swirl, along with kelly green and white piping and Swoosh reminiscent of the company’s cups and logo.

Consumers interested in decking out their feet in Starbucks may want to skip the coffee line for a few days: the sneakers cost about $100 — or a few weeks worth of Java.

The new retro-canvas sneakers are just the latest in a line of weird food-footwear pairings from Nike.

The company previously released another limited-run pair of sneakers, this time featuring chicken and waffles.


The high-top kicks, which retailed for around $110 earlier this spring, mimicked the comfort food dish with a waffle pattern and syrup-drizzled Nike Swoosh.

Following that foodie-inspired shoe pairing, the company decided to take its food love in another direction by selling basketball star Kyrie Irving’s latest sneaker release though a Krispy Kreme—themed campaign.

The company created a Krispy Kreme commercial and a truck that delivered the sneakers — inside a Krispy Kreme box — in Cleveland, Baltimore, Manhattan and Brooklyn, AdWeek reports.

While it’s unclear why Nike is focusing on food-shoe combos lately, we have a few theories. The company’s designers are constantly hungry, and mixing up their lunch orders with their sneaker mock-ups, or Nike could be trying to capitalize on the idea that hungry shoppers will buy more at the store — in this case maybe even shoes.

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