Bag Of Money Falls Out Of Armored Truck, Scatters Across Highway

Image courtesy of (The.Comedian)

What would you do if you saw cash fluttering from an armored vehicle while driving down the highway? What you are not supposed to do is scoop up handfuls of money and then drive off. Yet that’s what usually happens, because people are terrible and greedy. It’s what happened in New Jersey this morning.

If you’ve ever wondered what one of these cash blizzards looks like from the middle of the scene, here’s a video that someone took from the middle of the scattered cash.

On Route 46 in Wayne, NJ this morning, a single bag full of $20 bills fell out of an armored truck. The bag opened and scattered its contents when another truck struck the bag. Police say that traffic stopped as motorists got out of their cars to run after the flying money.

You’re supposed to turn the money in to police after an incident like this, but people often, um, don’t. Authorities didn’t know how much money was missing or had been turned back in. They also don’t know why the truck’s door flew open.

Bag Of Money Falls From Armored Truck, Spills On NJ Highway [CBS New York]

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