McDonald’s Testing Mashup Between McGriddle And McChicken In Ohio

Last month, McDonald’s began testing the addition of the McGriddle to its all-day breakfast menu in Oklahoma. A group of operators for the fast food restaurant in Ohio have taken that idea and made it their own by piloting a union between the syrup-flavored breakfast item and the McChicken — a Chicken McGriddle.

Columbus Business First reports that eleven McDonald’s restaurants in central Ohio are now cooking up what is essentially a chicken-and-pancake sandwich as part of the all-day breakfast menu.

The Chicken McGriddle isn’t a corporate initiative. Instead, it is the brainchild of the owner of eight Ohio McDonald’s and a small group of other operators and self-proclaimed taste-testers.

“It’s a chicken-and-waffles taste,” operator Brian Mortellaro tells the Business Journal. “I just think that’s something that isn’t out there right now. Filet-o-fish, Big Mac – both of those started with owner-operators. We took this idea up the chain and they’re letting us try it out.”

The future of the item, which won’t be supported by advertising, will be determined by consumers’ impressions not sales, Mortellaro says. If customers respond favorably it could stay on the menu past the current March 27 cut off.

McDonald’s testing chicken-and-pancake sandwich in Central Ohio [Columbus Business First]

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