McGriddles Coming To More McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menus

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McDonald’s customers in Oklahoma must have been big fans of the McGriddle during lunch and dinner: the Golden Arches will expand its test of adding the syrup-flavored breakfast item to the all-day breakfast menu to another 1,000 restaurants across the country. 

Beginning Monday, restaurants in several southern states will start offering the McGriddle breakfast sandwich at all hours of the day, the Associated Press reports.

Specifically, the addition will appear on menus in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

A rep for the company tells the Tribune that McDonald’s will “continue to evolve the all-day breakfast menu.”

Tests of the all-day McGriddle began just last month, when 72 restaurants in the Tulsa, OK added the item for purchase from morning to evening.

McDonald’s began offering all-day breakfast last October after years of customers asking for it. The menu debuted with just a select group of breakfast items, including parfaits, oatmeal, hash browns, burritos, hot cakes and McMuffins or biscuits.

Restaurants have a choice to offer breakfast sandwiches made with either English muffins or biscuits, depending on what folks in that area prefer. Around 80% of restaurants have opted for McMuffins, likely because it’s a bit of an operational strain to make biscuits throughout the day.

Earlier this month, the fast food behemoth began testing its full breakfast menu all-day in a few markets.

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