McDonald’s Testing Addition Of McGriddle To All-Day Breakfast Menus In Oklahoma

While McDonald’s pats itself on the back for the success of its all-day breakfast menu — after years of customers asking for it — it’s not content to rest on its eggy laurels. Instead, the chain is testing a new option for the all-day breakfast menu, adding the McGriddle and biscuit sandwiches to the board at 72 restaurants in the Tulsa, OK area starting Feb. 1.

McDonald’s expects the test to last for two to three months before deciding whether to take the McGriddle and biscuit sandwiches nationwide as an all-day offering, reports the Associated Press.

Currently, restaurants have a choice to offer breakfast sandwiches made with either English muffins or biscuits, depending on what folks in that area prefer. Around 80% of restaurants have opted for McMuffins, likely because it’s a bit of an operational strain to make biscuits throughout the day.

The pancake buns and biscuits need to be warmed in ovens that are also used for heating up pies, cookies, and mozzarella sticks during lunch hours, explains one franchisee who led an all-day breakfast task force. Both options are made with a frozen egg patty instead of the cracked shell egg used in McMuffins.

Trying to figure out where to cook what, and when in already crowded kitchens, while trying to simplify the ordering process for customers, is one potential obstacle of an expanded menu for franchisees.

McDonald’s isn’t thinking that far ahead yet, it seems.

“It’s too premature to talk about next steps,” Deborah Wahl, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s U.S. told the AP.

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