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McGriddles Coming To More McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menus

McDonald’s customers in Oklahoma must have been big fans of the McGriddle during lunch and dinner: the Golden Arches will expand its test of adding the syrup-flavored breakfast item to the all-day breakfast menu to another 1,000 restaurants across the country.  [More]

(Morton Fox)

McDonald’s Testing Addition Of McGriddle To All-Day Breakfast Menus In Oklahoma

While McDonald’s pats itself on the back for the success of its all-day breakfast menu — after years of customers asking for it — it’s not content to rest on its eggy laurels. Instead, the chain is testing a new option for the all-day breakfast menu, adding the McGriddle and biscuit sandwiches to the board at 72 restaurants in the Tulsa, OK area starting Feb. 1. [More]