Advances In Candy Technology Mean More Edible Conversation Hearts

Never underestimate human ingenuity. It was just a few short years ago that if you wanted to eat conversation hearts, your only choice was to crunch or suck on some chalky, hard candies. Today, there are even more alternatives available for people who enjoy word-laden sweets, and the latest is conversation kisses from Hershey.


Really, the maker of a candy called “kisses” should have thought of this decades ago, but people who like to communicate using candy have it now, and that’s what’s important.

Last year, Brach’s introduced conversation jelly beans and gummy hearts, which was an amazing way to diversify Valentine’s Day candy offerings while also extending the jelly bean season. (That’s not to imply that that jelly beans aren’t on stores shelves in January to begin with, but these are seasonal.)

Last year, red velvet was the Unofficial Flavor of Valentine’s Day. This year, it’s strawberry shortcake. So far, the flavor has showed up in M&Ms, Dove Promises, and Oreos will probably be next. If not, someone over at Nabisco is probably running to the flavor lab right now to plan for 2017.

I’ve always associated strawberry shortcake with early summer, when strawberries are in season where I live, but what do I know?

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