Forget About Christmas: Let’s Move On To Valentine’s Day And Easter!

Yeah, there’s a holiday later this week or something. Retail stores don’t care about that anymore: they’ve got seasonal department shelves to fill, and most people who need garlands and lights have probably already bought ’em. What’s the next holiday? Valentine’s Day? Easter? Yeah, let’s move on to that.

It no longer surprises us to see Valentine’s Day and Easter merchandise out on the shelves before Christmas. The seasonal shelves must remain stocked, and it’s important to encourage customers to think ahead to the next holiday. Always the next holiday. Right?

This isn’t the earliest that we’ve seen Easter candies on display: in years past, we’ve seen them out as early as December 7.

Sarah spotted this shelf of Valentine’s Day-themed cakes on the shelf at her local SuperTarget. I bet those conversation heart cakes don’t even taste anything like chalk.


Patrick saw this display of Easter candy at Stop & Shop over the weekend. That’s not unusually early to see the Cadbury Creme and peanut butter eggs out, but it still feels terribly wrong.


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