Carrot Cake Hershey Kisses Are An Actual Thing, Available At Walmart

carrot_cake_kissesWhat are the flavors of Easter? We know that the flavors of Valentine’s Day are red velvet and strawberry shortcake, and the flavors of fall are pumpkin spice and caramel apple, but the Easter candy season apparently needs more novelty flavors. That’s why Hershey has brought us white chocolate-based carrot cake kisses. At least they aren’t plain carrot cake flavor?

We learned about these from The Impulsive Buy, and can tell you that they are definitely available at Walmart. They also turned up on Reddit a few weeks ago, but that was a single item that could have been a promotional candy handed out to insiders or a test product.

As seasonal novelty flavors go, we have to say that at least in concept, this is better than either Easter grass Twizzlers or marshmallow Peeps milk.

SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hershey’s Carrot Cake Kisses [The Impulsive Buy]

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