Here’s What You Should Be Shopping For In January

The holiday season is over, the sales are on, and smart Consumerists know that now is the time to do some serious shopping. What should you look for on store shelves in the coming months? Let our price-tracking colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports lead the way, straight to the gym sign-up desk and the winter coat aisle of your favorite department store.

Clothing stores have actually cited the mild weather as the reason why sales are down $185 million from what experts anticipated based on last year’s numbers. That’s why winter clothing is an important item on the list: in some areas of the country, winter weather is just starting.

Bedding: White sales are one venerable retail tradition that are still with us, though now sheets and towels come in a variety of colors. Don’t depend on thread counts to tell you the quality of a set of sheets: it’s possible to add more “threads” without adding actual softness or durability by simply winding smaller cotton threads together and weaving those into the sheet.

Fitness machines: You can find good deals on all fitness equipment during New Year’s resolution season, but you’ll find especially good deals on elliptical trainers and treadmills. Shopping online isn’t always such a good idea: the feel of every machine differs, and you should try the exact model you plan to buy in person, even if you ultimately order it online.

Toys: Of course, you’ll find plenty of toys left over from retailers’ grand stock-up for the holiday season.

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