Clothing Retailers Lost $185 Million In November Because The Weather Is Too Nice

Image courtesy of (Andrea Allen)

As the weather continues to be great in much of the country, the situation is getting worse for retailers. Now we can put some numbers on that: a firm that combines research on weather and retail reports that clothing stores lost $185 million just in November of this year.

Yes, all of that excess stock means that shoppers can expect great markdowns after the holidays, but the unseasonable warm snap will hit companies in the profits. While consumers have more money in our pockets due to lower fuel prices, they’re spending that money somewhere other than the mall.

Normally, the first very cold day of the year prompts shoppers to head to the store for a new winter coat if they need one. While there, they shop for other seasonal clothing. This hasn’t happened yet, which leaves retailers with stacks of coats, sweaters, hats, mittens, and boots and nowhere to put their spring fashion offerings.

If you plan to do last-minute shopping in clothing stores before Christmas, be warned: weather prognosticators believe that temperatures will plummet in much of the country next week, and shoppers might run to the malls to buy parkas and sweaters that week, whether the items are marked down or not. At least that’s what retail executives hope is going to happen.

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