8 Items You’ll Find Deals On In October

The season is changing, and that doesn’t just mean pumpkin spice lattes and piles of leaves to jump in. It also means that shoppers can get deals on a mix of products from three different seasons in the coming months, if they know where and when to shop. Fortunately, our pals over at Consumer Reports watch prices on items as well as testing them, and here’s what they say you should shop for in October.

Bikes: As appropriate biking weather ends in areas of the country with four seasons, you can get great deals on bikes being cleared out for next year.

Computers: The back-to-school shopping season is over, but some computers are left behind.

Digital Cameras: We’re not sure why prices on these fall: maybe retailers want to clear out old stock before the holidays? Know your own camera needs and research what type is right for you before you start to shop.

Gas Grills: Yes, grilling season is over in much of the country: deal with your sadness by shopping for a new one for next year, maybe.

Lawn Mowers: This, too, will lurk in your garage until needed next year, but the discounts should console you.

Patio Furniture: They have to clear it out to make way for Christmas decorations, so there are deals to be found.

Sporting Goods: Items like camping gear and baseball items may be on sale in your local sporting good store.

Winter Clothing: Using impeccable fashion logic, you need to buy your winter coat long before winter starts. If you need one now, shop now that the first fashion collections of the season have come and gone.

8 Products on Deep Discount in October [Consumer Reports]

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