Here’s What You’ll Find Deals On In March

Image courtesy of the_justified_sinner

Our colleagues over at Consumer Reports have a relentless squad of price-watchers who can tell us all what we should buy and when. Every month, they tell the world about what’s come up this month on their Calendar of Deals, and we pass the news along.

Humidifiers were on the list last month, and as winter winds down even more, there are still deals to be found. Models come in all colors and shapes, including units that look like animals: shop according to the best performance and the features you need, though, and not by looks.

Boxes of chocolate have lower prices between two major candy holidays, Valentine’s Day and Easter, and the good stuff can drop in price during that lull. Of course, immediately after the holidays is when you can get great deals on items in seasonal packaging.

Digital cameras. They go on sale at this time of year, and this is another purchase where you should know your own needs (and your own photography skills) before you go out shopping in real-life stores or online. Cameras can be a daunting purchase, but not as scary if you know exactly what you need.

5 Products on Deep Discount in March [Consumer Reports]

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