Here’s What You’ll Find On Sale In February

Our deal-crunching colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports maintain a national calendar of deals, which tracks which items are on sale during which months so you can plan your spending accordingly. What can you find on sale in February? You should be looking for indoor furniture (especially mattresses), winter clothing, and humidifiers.

Winter clothing is also marked down in January, as we told you at the beginning of January, but retailers are still apparently dealing with piles of sweaters and other winter clothing that they can’t sell.

Humidifers are more complicated to pick out than you might think, and my usual method of choosing the most interesting-looking one is not such a great idea, Consumer Reports tells us.

Mattresses will go on sale around Presidents’ Day, as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln probably would have wanted it. What you should remember when shopping for mattresses is to start your browsing at the back of the store: the most expensive models are usually at the front of the store to get your attention.

Indoor furniture (as opposed to patio furniture) starts to be marked down in February to clear space in stores and warehouses for new models after a spring trade show, the High Point Market. Keep an eye out for sales and general markdowns.

4 Products on Deep Discount in February [Consumer Reports]

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