Cat Gets Loose On Delta Air Lines Flight, Tries To Realize Dream Of Being A Flight Attendant

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 2.32.23 PMTraveling can be a mundane, routine task: print off your boarding pass, check your bags, walk through security, sit at your gate, board, and takeoff. But a recent Delta Air Lines flight had the exciting bonus of an escaped feline roaming around the aircraft.

WDBO News reports that a passenger on the flight captured video of the tortoiseshell cat meandering around the plane after somehow escaping its pet carrier on Saturday.

The cat’s trip around the plane included an exploration of the galley, while a flight attendant can be heard telling the animal to “stay right there, don’t move.”

“Whoever’s cat this is please come and … wake them up if you see them with the cat carrier,” the attendant can be heard saying over the intercom. “I need them to come and get their pet.”

One passenger then tries to lure the feline away from the attendant, while a woman – thought to be the cat’s owner – places the pet back inside a carrier.

Delta allows passengers to travel with their small pets in the cabin area for a fee. The animals are required to stay in their carrier at all times.

Must-see: Cat scares flight attendant after escaping carrier on plane [WDBO News]

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