Truck Full Of Domino’s Pizza Dough Hits Overpass, Spills Across Road

doughballsHere at Consumerist, we’re fascinated with incidents where truck crashes result in food (or future food) spilled across the highway. We’ve brought you tales of spilled milk, cheese, beer, frozen chicken, and one weird day where a truck of bacon and a truck of piglets crashed in different states. However, we never expected to hear about a highway full of pizza. Future pizza. Pizza dough, scattered across the highway.

Specifically, the truck was carrying dough bound for Domino’s restaurants, and struck an overpass in Indianapolis. The collision sheared the top off the truck and trailer, spilling lumps of dough on the road.

There was severe damage to the truck and a severe loss of pizza crusts, but fortunately no motorists, including the truck’s driver, were hurt during the accident and its aftermath.

Local police said that the driver wasn’t familiar with the area and with the overpasses on his route.

Here’s video of the cleanup process, if you’re interested in watching people sweep dough blobs around.

PHOTOS: Truck crashes into overpass, spills pizza dough on road [WXIN]

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