Everyone Near Scene Of Overturned Milk Tanker Truck Probably Trying Not To Cry

Sometimes the best advice is the hardest to carry out in your real life. Like when someone tells you not to cry over spilled milk? Sounds so simple — when’s the last time such a thing made you cry? Maybe when it’s 6,000 gallons of milk spilled all over a freeway and you’re the guy in charge of trying to clean the whole thing up. Then you still can’t cry, even if you want to.

One might imagine that a big rig loaded with milk crashing off the side of a freeway would be enough to make officials shed a tear, as the California Highway Patrol had to shut down lanes of traffic for hours this morning while they tried to set things to rights again.

According to KTLA.com, the tanker went off the road around 3:30 a.m., spilling much of its milky contents down an embankment and flowing every which way.

Emergency personnel were able to rescue the driver from the wreckage despite the apparent severity of the crash. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

But there’s still plenty to shed tears about, if such a thing were allowed — officials are having a tough time pulling the truck off the side of the road, as there could still be enough milk left in the tanker to make it just heavy enough to impede cleanup.

Milk Truck Goes Off Side of Freeway in Eagle Rock; Sigalert Issued [KTLA.com]

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