Domino’s Launches Custom-Built Chevy Pizzamobile With Built-In Ovens

Domino's Pizza DXPPizza delivery is a tricky business. You have to get a pizza from the restaurant to the car, let it sit in the car for a while, then get it from the car to the customer, all without tilting the box so the cheese slides off. Delivery drivers normally use their own cars for this… but what if there were a purpose-built car designed to keep food warm and advertise Domino’s in traffic?

The process began three years ago, when Domino’s ran a design contest looking for the “ultimate delivery vehicle.” 100 of the vehicles will roll out in test cities over the next few months.

The current version is called the DXP, or “delivery expert,” and is based on the gasoline-powered version of the Chevrolet Spark. It has warming ovens where the backseat and trunk normally would be. Yep: exterior, lockable warming ovens.

In some cities, local Chevrolet dealers might team up with the local Domino’s franchise to promote the new vehicles. Chevy dealers will be in charge of servicing the new vehicles, including the warming ovens and other accessories.

The vehicle isn’t meant for passenger use at all. It’s sort of like a tiny cargo van. It has only a driver’s seat, and can hold a total of 80 pizzas if the need ever arises to deliver that many pizzas.

Will the DXL roll out across the delivery fleet, or just exist as an awesome concept in only a few franchises? It will be interesting to see. Keep an eye out for Pizzamobiles.

Domino’s DXP [Official Site] (Warning: plays music)

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