Microsoft Will Push PC Users Into Upgrading Next Year With Update That Automatically Downloads Windows 10

Though Microsoft has been very eager to get PC users to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10, it’s also been a bit restrained in its efforts so far, luring customers with a reservation system that allowed them to upgrade for free. But next year, Microsoft is going to get a little bit pushier.

In early 2016, Microsoft will try to add even more devices to the 110 million already running Windows 10 by re-categorizing it as a “recommended update,” reports The Verge. It won’t automatically install Windows 10 without your permission, but the upgrade process will download and start all on its own.

“A user will be presented with a choice to install Windows 10,” Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices, told The Verge. “They’ll come back to their PC and there will be a dialog where they can choose to upgrade to Windows 10 or choose not to upgrade to Windows 10.”

The plan right now is to have that happen only once, so you won’t see multiple reminders to update after you’ve opted out. The Windows 10 upgrade is free for Windows 7 and 8 users through July 29, 2016. Beyond that point, it’s unclear if or how much Microsoft will charge.

Microsoft planning to automatically offer Windows 10 to existing PCs [The Verge]

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