Microsoft Will Finally Stop Nagging PC Users To Upgrade To Windows 10 In July

Image courtesy of lonewolf

If you’re running any version of Windows on your PC that isn’t Windows 10, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Microsoft’s persistent efforts to push users to upgrade, by way of pop-ups and automatic installations. Those days will be over soon, as Microsoft is promising to stop nagging folks come July.

July 29 marks the last day that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for existing Windows users (it’ll be $119 to upgrade after that point), and it’s also the last time anyone will see an annoying pop-up notification to “Get Windows 10.”

“Details are still being finalized, but on July 29th the Get Windows 10 app…will be disabled and eventually removed from PCs worldwide,” Microsoft told WinBeta in a written statement.

Which is certainly a relief for the many customers who were irked to find Windows 10 downloading on its own, or seeing it appear as a “recommended update”.

Microsoft says Windows 10 is now on 300 million active devices, with a goal of getting more than 1 billion devices running the operating system actively on a monthly basis, PCWorld notes.

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