Need A Hug? Lululemon Has A Clothing Line For That

A girl and her best pal, the affectionate leotard.

A girl and her best pal, the affectionate leotard.

It isn’t the warm comfort of your best friend’s arms, or the soothing snuggle of a parent, but if you need to feel like someone is hugging you, Lululemon says it’s got the athleisure wear (a word that people use in real life) line for you: it’s called “Hugged Sensation” and according to the yoga pants peddlers, the clothing is engineered “to feel like a comfortable embrace from a close friend.”

Pants and leotards that will hug you are part of the activewear company’s Sensation Innovation collection, which includes other kinds of sensations aimed at how customers like their clothing to fit — there’s Tight, Held-In, Relaxed and Naked as well, which, The Cut points out, shouldn’t be confused with pants that become sheer when you bend over.

A company spokesperson told The Cut that the company used sports psychology and science to come up with the new design and “pant wall experience,” in an effort to give women options on a range of sensations, “so that she can choose the right pants for her particular workout, grounded in how she wants to feel.”

What kind of pants are there for people who want to feel like their clothing is someone who will actually listen to them for once or hey, take the garbage out once in a while? Or maybe a leotard that makes you feel like you’re eating pizza when really you’re trying not to fall over in front of an entire class of perfectly-balanced yoganistas? Free ideas, Lululemon. Free ideas.

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