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Would You Pay $600 A Year For Adidas Workout Gear?

Because sometimes shoppers don’t feel like making decisions or leaving home, subscription box services have become a popular way to get regular deliveries of beauty samples, personal grooming products, and clothing. Jumping on the subscription box bandwagon recently is Adidas, which hopes customers will feel like forking out $600 a year for workout clothing, shoes, and other gear. [More]

A girl and her best pal, the affectionate leotard.

Need A Hug? Lululemon Has A Clothing Line For That

It isn’t the warm comfort of your best friend’s arms, or the soothing snuggle of a parent, but if you need to feel like someone is hugging you, Lululemon says it’s got the athleisure wear (a word that people use in real life) line for you: it’s called “Hugged Sensation” and according to the yoga pants peddlers, the clothing is engineered “to feel like a comfortable embrace from a close friend.” [More]

Dick's Sporting Goods wants you to show people your armpits just like Carrie.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Ditching Some Adidas Merchandise In Favor Of New Celebrity Line

The Adidas section at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods stores might seem a bit smaller soon, as the company has decided to hitch its apple wagon to a celebrity star and turn the spotlight on its new line of women’s workout gear. [More]