Report: Amazon Launching Its Own Line Of Workout Apparel

Image courtesy of Rafeael Montilla SEO Latino

After launching private label clothing brands last year, Amazon is now reportedly aiming its sights on the lucrative world of exercise apparel with its own line of workout clothing.

Re/code did some digging around in Amazon’s job postings and found a series of listings for “brand manager” positions detailing a search for candidates “to build authentic activewear private label brands that have compelling and unique DNA and deliver amazing consumer valued innovation.”

Translation: we want to compete with UnderArmour, Lululemon, and whoever else is making clothes to go to spin class in (or just look like you’re going to spin class).

Amazon declined to comment, but it wouldn’t be a huge leap for the online retailer, which has been trying to elbow its way into the fashion world since early 2016, when it debuted eight or so clothing brands. In recent months, it’s announced a men’s button-down shirt brand called Buttoned Down that sells dress hits starting at $39 to Prime members.

Amazon’s push could pay off: a June report from Goldman Sachs indicated that brick-and-mortar apparel stores could lose some ground to Amazon, which sells $10 billion worth of apparel and accessories per year. Of course, that includes selling other brands other than its own.

Online apparel in general has been a growing business, increasing at a rate of 20% per year over the past few years, the report noted, while at the same time, brick-and-mortar sales have flatlined.

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