Customer Who Ordered One Billionth Waffle At Atlanta Waffle House Nails It: “That’s A Lot Of Waffles”

Although there could only be one customer to earn the distinction of the person who ordered Waffle House’s one billionth waffle, all the customers at the Atlanta restaurant who witnessed the milestone on Tuesday did get to share in the celebrations, by way of breakfast on the house for everyone.

Workers shouted “congratulations” when the one billionth waffle — apple crumb — was delivered to the lucky customer, reports WXIA-TV (warning: link has video that autoplays), along with balloons and a special plaque that will forever set her apart from the rest of us who’ve never ordered the one billionth anything.

“That’s a lot of waffles made,” the customer told WXIA-TV. And she’s right — it is a lot, even if Waffle House is selling 145 waffles per minute, as the company claims: after all, it’s taken 60 years for that billionth waffle to arrive.

Along with her plaque and a story to tell at every social function for the rest of her life, she got a swag bag filled with Waffle House paraphernalia and, along with the rest of the restaurant, free breakfast.

“We have such a loyal, loyal following,” Darren Jarrett, Waffle House Senior Vice President of Operations for Atlanta told WXIA. “Our analysts have been watching this billion-waffle mark for a long time. They gave us the word yesterday that it was going to happen around 10 o’clock today.”

Who are these mysterious waffle-clock watchers? What does the waffle clock look like? How does it know when someone orders a waffle — is it listening? Can it hear our waffle whispers when we sleep? So many questions. So many waffles.

Waffle House sells its one billionth waffle in Atlanta [WXIA-TV]

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