Two Vehicles Crash Into N.J. Wendy’s In Second Car Accident At Restaurant In 3 Months

They say lightning never strikes twice, but no one ever said cars can’t come crashing through the window of a single Wendy’s more than once. To wit: two vehicles collided with each other in Paramus, N.J. yesterday, sending them both into a Wendy’s that was hit by a car in June.

Four customers inside the restaurant were taken to the hospital for treatment, though no serious injuries were reported, according to CBS New York. A car and a minivan were headed in the same direction on a road near the Wendy’s yesterday about five p.m., when the driver of the car apparently cut off the van while trying to get into the restaurant’s parking lot.

The vehicles crashed into each other, jumped the curb and then went careening into the Wendy’s, where the minivan ended up inside.

“One of the drivers was in shock, crying — her and her I guess I assume it was boyfriend — and then the other driver, she had a child with her,” said the tow truck driver who arrived on the scene minutes after the crash, adding, “Thank God the child was all right.”

He added that he was relieved to get the cars out of the building without it falling down, which is definitely a concern when there’s that kind of structural damage. Workers had installed a support beam by late Thursday night to hold up the restaurant temporarily.

In June, a customer was hospitalized after an SUV crashed into the same restaurant. But is it bad luck or a bad design? The two incidents have prompted questions about the location of the restaurant’s entrance, which some say is too close to the exit for another major road.

“Honestly I think it’s an engineering flaw, and something needs to be done,” the tow truck driver said.

The driver of the car was ticketed for careless driving.

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