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Mike Seyfang

Amazon May Go After “Porch Pirates” By Delivering To Car Trunks, Inside Homes

Have you ever come home, expecting to see an Amazon delivery waiting by your door only to find that it had been pilfered by “porch pirates” who will swipe any box with that trademark grin printed on it? But what if that same package could be delivered inside your home? [More]


Man Burglarizes FedEx Truck In Chicago, Ditches Getaway Car With Baby Inside

The string of robberies and burglaries of delivery vehicles in Chicago continues this week, with the latest theft happening to a FedEx truck. Police say that the suspect broke into the truck, took packages, and then abandoned his own vehicle with a 1-year-old child inside when the cops were after him. [More]


Thieves Think They’re Stealing Gift Delivery; Make Off With Boxes Of Family Heirlooms & Dad’s Ashes Instead

‘Tis the season for thieves across the country to swoop down upon doorsteps, porches, and stoops to swipe all those gift deliveries waiting outside folks’ homes. But somewhere in Ohio there’s a thief who now has boxes of very personal items — including the ashes of a dearly departed dad — that are worthless to the thief, but mean the world to the family from which they were stolen. [More]


Video Shows Amazon Delivery Guy’s Friend Stealing Package Right After It’s Delivered

We’ve seen strangers and passers-by swipe packages right off the front porch of someone’s house, but it’s not as often that we find delivery workers teaming up with their friends to steal the goods they just dropped off. [More]

Major Package Carriers Want To Help You Not Get Your Deliveries Stolen

Major Package Carriers Want To Help You Not Get Your Deliveries Stolen

No one wants to see their packages stolen from their front porch. Not even package thieves want anyone to steal their packages. That’s why, as we shift more of our shopping online, the major delivery services have devised new ways to ensure that our packages end up in our hands. [More]