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Nicholas Eckhart

Two Separate Indianapolis Arby’s Hit By Cars In Span Of Two Weeks

Maybe there’s something about the Arby’s name, perhaps it has something to do with being in the same town as the Indianapolis Speedway, or maybe it’s just a coincidence, but two Arby’s restaurants have been hit by cars within a span of just two weeks. [More]

(CBS New York)

Two Vehicles Crash Into N.J. Wendy’s In Second Car Accident At Restaurant In 3 Months

They say lightning never strikes twice, but no one ever said cars can’t come crashing through the window of a single Wendy’s more than once. To wit: two vehicles collided with each other in Paramus, N.J. yesterday, sending them both into a Wendy’s that was hit by a car in June. [More]


What Can You Do If Your Mobile Carrier Sends You An Update That Breaks Your Phone?

When you buy a new phone or tablet, you’re not just buying it as-is in its current state. Software is dynamic, and constantly updated. In a sense, then, you’re also making a bet that your device will keep working into the future, after countless rounds of mandatory system updates. And usually, it does! But every once in a while, something goes wrong. And for that small handful of consumers, that’s where the real trouble begins. [More]

Gateway Won't Help Customer Replace Monitor

Gateway Won't Help Customer Replace Monitor

Gateway’s exploits in customer non-service have found their way onto our pages before, so it wasn’t all that surprising that Rafael wrote us to complain that the company left him out to dry when his monitor crapped out shortly after his warranty expired.