Wendy’s Customer Claims Daughter’s Soda Came With Slimy Razor Blade

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

There are many things one would not want to find in their beverage, but a slimy razor blade has got to be one of the least appetizing. That’s what a mom in New Hampshire said she found in the bottom of a Wendy’s soda her daughter was drinking.

A Keene, NH woman posted a photo of a silver razor blade with black and brown slime of some kind on it to Facebook on Friday, reports The Keene Sentinel.

The girl drank from the cup before the razor blade was discovered, but she wasn’t injured.

The city’s acting health director confirmed the incident, and said it was first reported to the Keene Police Department, which then contacted his office.

It’s believed that a worker found the blade in the trash and was worried someone might get cut by it, so he or she put the blade in a cup with a plan to throw it out later. Another employee then filled the cup without realizing its contents and gave it to the customer, acting health director said.

His office won’t be taking action against Wendy’s because the situation isn’t the result of an ongoing issue at the restaurant. The city has urged Wendy’s to review its training procedures in case this kind of thing happens again, which the restaurant agreed to.

The franchise that operates the Wendy’s location in question said that the restaurant launched an internal investigation immediately upon learning of the incident on Friday.

“An unfortunate chain of events led to a bad accident,” the director of operations for the franchise said. She has reached out to the family to offer an apology as well.

“Nothing is more important to us than our customers and the integrity of our food at Wendy’s,” she said.

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