Man Burglarizes FedEx Truck In Chicago, Ditches Getaway Car With Baby Inside

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

The string of robberies and burglaries of delivery vehicles in Chicago continues this week, with the latest theft happening to a FedEx truck. Police say that the suspect broke into the truck, took packages, and then abandoned his own vehicle with a 1-year-old child inside when the cops were after him.

The package heist went down on Wednesday morning, while a delivery driver for FedEx was parked at a Wendy’s restaurant to eat. According to police, someone in the parking lot called them after noticing a man looking through the packages in the truck, and the suspect took off in a car, which the bystander described to police.

A block away from the Wendy’s, police pulled over the vehicle, and the suspect got out and tried to run away… leaving the child in his backseat behind.

Police did not report the suspect’s relationship to the baby. They also took another person into custody related to this incident, but didn’t specify what that person was accused of.

This was the latest in a string of delivery vehicle thefts on Chicago’s South Side, which have included armed robberies, burglaries of unattended trucks, and even carjackings.

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