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Slack Fill: The Grocery Shrink Ray’s Sneakier Twin

Slack Fill: The Grocery Shrink Ray’s Sneakier Twin

What does it mean to under-fill a consumer product package? We’ve all opened boxes and bags that seemed more full before we saw what was inside, or a few tiny over-the-counter pills in a bottle stuffed with cotton. When is this considered “misleading,” and when is it just a normal thing that protects products? [More]

How big is this jar?

Procter & Gamble Settles With California Over Allegedly Misleading Moisturizer Boxes

When an item is costly by the ounce and comes in very small containers, how can you make the product seem more substantial while also making it harder to steal? Many companies that make expensive things to smear on your face solve this problem by adding a false bottom to jars. Procter & Gamble’s Olay brand was accused of doing this by four California counties, and has agreed to settle the lawsuit by changing the product’s packaging and paying a civil penalty. [More]