Cottonelle Shrink Rays Toilet Paper Squares

When you need to use some Cottonelle toilet paper, do you find that the sheets feel just a bit narrower in your hand? Probably not: that’s the sneaky nature of the Grocery Shrink Ray. Rolls of Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper lost just a fraction of an inch from each square, but that adds up to a big loss in square footage in a whole package.

The first example comes from Chris, who happened to notice the change while at work. The change wasn’t much: just .2 inches in one direction and .14 in the other, but this results in 8 square feet less toilet paper per package.




You’ll notice the “touch of cotton” on the label of this variety: we learned last year that Cottonelle toilet paper never contained any cotton until 2013.

There’s some good news in all of this, though: Chris points out that at least the price came down slightly along with the quantity of TP. At his store, at least.



Why does the old package declare that the sheets are “wider,” anyway? Wider than what? Did Sayori mix up the old and new packages, and this type of TP was widened?


Oh. Wider than the unnamed leading brand. Well, then.



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